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Trisha Martelly

Lead Vocalist for Groove Nation Band

About Trisha

BIO coming soon.....

Fun Facts About Trisha

1.What is your middle name?


2.Favourite band?

Guns n Roses/ TLC

3.Dream concert?

A Micheal Jackson one, but since he is dead, a Beyonce concert.

4.Favorite movie of all time

Baby boy/ Titanic

5.Favorite Micheal Jackson song ?

Thriller ps( I cant tell if its the song i like or the video, I think I like the song because of how great the video for it is lol) it's just perfection

6.I'm most afraid of drowning (I can't swimI know what you gonna say

( and yh I know I'm from the islands why can't I swim ) the answer is idkI'm a scaredy cat

7. The celebrity I look like the most?

Umm ppl say I look like brandy I think that's the one iv gotten the most.

8. Best groove nation moment?

Dont think I'm corny or anything but lol it is every moment it gets better and better as we go its hard to say.

9.earliest memory of me playing an instrument?

When i was about 10yrs old my dad bought me a guitar but i sucked lol I had no idea how to play a single string oh yh and I NVR learnt iether it's ok though I learnt to sing.

10.i like to eat?

Authentic Caribbean (Saint lucian) food.

This meal, boiled breadfruit with stew saltfish and a side of cucumber salad is heaven

11. What people don't know about me is

I'm a really great cook!

12. Most embarrassing moment on stage!

A couple years ago before i had dreads, I wore alot of wigs and one night i was doing a tina Turner routine, you know' the "toot toot toot toot" part in proud mary where u flip your hair back and forth and umm yh "not my wig that just flew out in the crowd"

12. Favorite vacation

My trip to Las Vegas it was surreal. Let's just say what happens in Vegas stays in vegas

13. My favourite beverage?

Anything with alchohol in there, but if I must me specific give me a simple whisky and coke on the rocks im not that hard to please.

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