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J.T. Santos

Vocalist and Guitars

for Groove Nation Band

Who is this J.T. ?

JT, self proclaimed rockstar and favorite to win the 2044 Presidential Election, has 21 years on the stage. Having entertained crowds of up to 75,000 in 24 nations and 38 states, he knows how to ensure YOU have an incredible time on the dance floor. Just see for yourself:

“Most incredible, talented guitar player I’ve ever seen!” - Erin Santos; wife.

“He can do anything he sets his mind to” - Beth McFall; Mom.

“Mediocre at best.”  - Mrs. Schoenfeld, 3rd grade teacher.

“Won $10 in a beauty contest.” - The Monopoly Guy

Fun Facts About J.T., da man, the myth...

1. Middle name(s): Thomas

2. Favorite Band of all time: John Mayer

3. Dream Concert:  Queen

4. Favorite Movie:  Top Gun

5. Favorite Michael Jackson song: The Way You Make Me Feel


6. Celeb lookalike? 
When I was younger, I looked a lot like Chris Carabba from Dashboard Confessional.


7. Favorite GNB moment so far?  I’d have to say our first show back to the grind at Quil Ceda. The energy was high, and we were all so excited to being performing again.

8. Earliest memory of playing music: playing non-sensical chords on my momma’s old Nylon String Guitar.


9. I like to eat: Pizza.


10. What people don't know about me: I’m fascinated by Cold War history and nuclear technology. Why can I say; I’m a nerd at heart.


11. Most embarrassing moment on stage? 
I was up front rapping “California Love” (RIP Tupac) and some girls right at the front of the stage were giggling and pointing. I looked down, and realized that in the rush to change between sets, I FORGOT TO ZIP MY FLY!….omg. 

12. Favorite beverage:  Lagavulin 15 single malt scotch.


13. Favorite vacation spot: Cabo San Lucas

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