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Eli Yamzon

Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Vocals, etc...

About Eli

BIO Coming Soon!

Fun Facts About Eli!

1. What is your Middle Name?  Lim. But if I have to choose, “Danger” will be my middle name

2. Favorite Band of all Time? Gaither Vocal Band

3. What is your dream concert to go to?  EWF, but I prefer if the original members are alive


4. Favorite movie of all time? The Departed


5. My favorite Michael Jackson song?  Man In The Mirror


6. I'm most afraid of...? Dying of suffocation 😞


7. The celebrity I look like the most is...?  I want to think it’s Brad Pitt but the reality is I look like Danny Trejo


8. Best Groove Nation moment, so far?  I enjoy every moment when I perform with these goofy bunch. I love ‘em all


9. Earliest memory of me playing an instrument?  Playing “Sakura” on an oktavina (Filipino mandolin). I  was in 4th grade and I remember I was the first in my band to be able to play it correctly. 


10. I like to eat...?  Breakfast food: bacon, eggs, sausages,  😎 and of course the ultimate breakfast Bloody Mary 


11. What people don't know about me, is...?  I like romantic comedy flicks  


12. Most embarrasing moment on stage ever?  I am too embarrassed to say 🤭😉😄😂

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